The Journey of a Creator: Stefan Voigt Shares His 3D Animation Workflow

Staff – July 6, 2020 at 10:16 AM

German artist and master in 3D animation, Stefan Voigt, shares his workflow. Stefan Voigt is an Art Director and 3D Animation artist, who has been working with Maxon* Cinema 4D for over 10 years. We asked Stefan to create a new workload and talk about his workflow experience, covering the 6 key parts: pre production, scene creation, lighting & rendering, post production, encoding and sharing. What does it take to create more and be more productive? Discover it here:

Intel 3D CREATION WORKFLOW (with BOXX) - v170620-1700

3D Creation Workflow

“The super fast dual socket 28 cores CPU enabled me to experiment with amounts of generated data that would be impossible to handle with my old workstation. With Cinema 4Ds Volume Builder, I generated several sequences of animated geometry which added up to 80GB of alembic files. Just creating this amount of detail would've taken ages with my old workstation, but it was easily manageable with the Intel® Xeon® W-3175x processor.” -Stefan Voigt

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