The BOXX* Virtual Tradeshow Presents FLEXX: How Working From Home is Done

The BOXX* Virtual Tradeshow Presents FLEXX: How Working From Home is Done

Staff – July 1, 2020 at 10:47 AM

BOXX FLEXX Video - Virtual tradeshow FLEXX

Optimize your 3D animation workflow with FLEXX, a revolutionary new data center platform from BOXX featuring the power and performance of multiple desktop workstations powered by Intel processors and enclosed inside a rack-mounted chassis. Purpose-built for enterprise business content creation, rendering, and simulation, high-density form factor FLEXX systems deliver breakthrough performance, reliability, and flexibility for a variety of professional applications and workflows—including 3D animation.

With FLEXX, you can accelerate your studio workflow onsite or remotely, access data, creative content, team projects, and more. FLEXX is also capable of simultaneously supporting multiple types of compute nodes, providing the highest application performance for animators, as well as engineers, architects, designers, and other professional content creators. Accessible from any connected device, FLEXX CPU render nodes (equipped with 56-core Intel® Xeon® processors) and GPU workstation or render nodes (featuring Intel® Core™ i7 processors) deliver performance previously available only in desk side workstations.

Watch this informative BOXX Virtual Trade Show video and you’ll discover why FLEXX is the system your creative team has been waiting for.

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