Discover How Key Intel Partners Are Building the Future of Creativity

Staff – January 17, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Creativity should not be limited, which is why Intel has partnered with key ISV leaders to better enable and enhance creativity. Listen to these influential partners discuss how their work with Intel is better the productivity and utility of creative technology.

Interview with David Helmly from Adobe*

Find out how Adobe’s partnership with Intel is helping them deliver cutting-edge technology to customers.

Interview with Henrik Edstrom from Autodesk*

Hear from Autodesk's Senior Software Architect about how their partnership with Intel has helped them find the right balance for improving their customer experience.

Interview with Ton Roosendaal from Blender* Foundation

Thanks to their partnership with Intel, Blender* Foundation is powering movies with Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit (Render Kit).

Interview with Ondrej Karlik from Corona*

Hear from the founding partner and main developer at Corona* talk about partnering with Intel for Fast-Paced V-Ray and powering Corona by the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit.

Interview with Paul Babb from Maxon*

Find out what Paul Babb, head of worldwide marketing at Maxon*, has to say about using Intel® technology to optimize Cinema 4D tools.

Interview with Marc Potocnik from Renderbaron*

Renderbaron's 3D Designer and CEO talks about using Intel® technology to improve the performance of Cinema 4D software.

Interview with Michael Smit from Ziva* Dynamics

Chief Commercial Officer at Ziva Dynamics' explains how they've been working with Intel on characters and physical simulation software in the media entertainment industry.

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