Creator Spotlight: Craig Winslow

Creator Spotlight: Craig Winslow

Staff – September 18, 2020 at 10:05 AM

Craig Winslow x Adobe Story - Final

Experiential design requires creative tools and a mind that thinks to use those tools in creative ways. That was the case when the Portland Trail Blazers approached Craig Winslow to help them design a high-impact pre-game introduction to the 2018 playoffs. Looking to accomplish more than just the same court projections everyone had seen before, Craig got creative with light projection and Adobe tools, such as Illustrator and After Effects, as well as PC-only tools to create a new, never-before-seen experience. Watch Craig explain how he began working in Experiential Design, what it was like designing a new light projection experience no one else had done before, and how Adobe software and Intel hardware supported that creation and design process.

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