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Bring More Photorealism to Your Art with Maxon

Staff – June 24, 2019 at 1:43 PM

Create realistic digital artwork with Maxon, bridging the gap between imagination and illustration. Partner your creative drive with technology that can keep up, and discover the ways your creativity can thrive with Maxon Cinema 4D.

The creation of photorealistic interior scenes is a challenging task, especially in the field of visual effects, but in his recent keynote at FMX, Renderbaron studio owner, Marc Potocnik, showed convincing shading and lighting techniques that were inspiring.


A View of CGI with Maxon

"Apollinarisstr." is Renderbaron's latest work and takes on this challenge in a photorealistic scene of an old, worn out kitchen flooded with light. Now, you can take a walk through a CG kitchen and see how close to real your imagination can get.


This ground breaking CG project demonstrates the benefits of a powerful combination: Cinema 4D R20 plus the brand-new 28 core Intel Xeon W-3175 CPU. Maxon Cinema 4D R20 uses the Intel Rendering Framework open source libraries, and Intel Embree photo-realistic ray tracing, which optimizes the full usage of the multicore CPU performance.

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