Add Video FX at Four Different Levels in VEGAS Pro

Add Video FX at Four Different Levels in VEGAS Pro

Staff – November 11, 2020 at 1:47 PM

The real power of any editing software lies in the ability to add video effects to your footage, whether it’s simple blurs or color correction, or wild combinations of effects to amaze your viewers. Some of the new effects are based on AI/ML and accelerated by Intel DL boost. Try out Style Transfer to make your video unique, or automatically colorize your old family videos. Other example of optimized effects are image stabilization and Warp.

The simplest way to add effects is at the Event level. It makes the most sense at first because you’re directly adjusting the exact event on the timeline you want to add effects to.

Dragging and dropping presets directly from the Video FX window instead of manually adding effects and choosing a preset from the drop-down menu is obviously the quickest way to add effects, but you do have the other options. You can add up to 32 effects in the event effects chain, so you can have a vast and complex combination of effects.

Add effects at the Media level if you use multiple instances of the same media on the timeline. In the Project Media window, select the desired media clip. Click the Media FX button at the top of the window. Choose your effect, and click Add. Make your desired adjustments in the effects controls. Now, any time you add the media to the timeline, the effects will already be applied.

Applying events at the track level can be useful for applying effects to many different clips or to have effects ready which you can easily switch events in and out of.

Effects added at the track level are layered on top of effects at both the event and media levels, and you can also have up to 32 effects in that effects chain.

To add effects which apply to the entire project, drag the desired effects preset and drop it on the Video Preview window. These effects will be layered on top of any effects at the track, event, or media level.

Watch the tutorial for an in-depth explanation

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